May 30, 2012

The Hottest New Band of the Summer~
Fun with Kids, Instagram and Picasa

It's been quiet around here, I know.  It's my girls' first week of summer vacation and I couldn't help but unplug and head outside to make some memories with my two favorite girls in the world!

Yesterday the girls and some friends went to see a movie.  After, we ran amok at the mall.  The girls got decked out in matching shirts and specs from Forever 21 and found a pack of pink mustaches at Claire's.  Using Instagram, I captured some of the hijinks and highlights, lending a hipster oeuvre to the photos.  The shot above reminded me so much of an album cover that I decided to add some text back at home with Picasa, then used the movie-making function to turn the whole lot of photos into a slideshow (running time: 60 seconds).


This summer's gonna rock!

Thanks for bearing with the mellow vibe here at the rookery this week. I have lots of great recipes, crafts and giveaways lined up for the coming weeks.  Howza'bout some stellar citrus margaritas, handmade Tamalitos (mini tamales), a Fresh Produce review, and spoonfuls of ice cream fun?

1 comment:

  1. will you be my mom? seriously..what is more fun than playing dress up with a store full of clothes? having your mom document it and adding a kick-a$$ song to the adventure...
    not much


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