June 17, 2012

Happy Day of the Dad!

Image source: Mis Nopales Art. Prints by José Pulido 

To all the dads, grand-dads, pops, papas, and all around good guys out there...

I turned this phrase earlier today when looking for a different way to wish my husband a happy Father's Day.

While searching online for the perfect "something" to compliment the message, I came across the artwork of José Pulido who sells t-shirts and original artwork on Etsy at Mis Nopales Art.


Fans of Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, and other pop culture favorites have got to check out his incredible artwork, t-shirts and accessories featuring fantastically Dia De Los Muertos-cized characters!

Vinyl stickers!
 Just had to share!


  1. Ha ha ha! Those are brilliant! I hope you are well, Jenn!

  2. My husband found José Pulido's work on Etsy some time ago and bought quite a few of his prints (they hang in our bathroom...that strange?) as well as the t-shirt Dia de los Muertos version of Johnny Cash that you posted above. It is his favorite shirt, and the artist is such a nice/professional person! :) Thanks for sharing. It is lovely to see etsy artists featured on blogs where they can get their work seen.


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